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Mass Effect 2 PS3 review round-up

All the verdicts in one place for launch day

If you've read PSM3's Mass Effect 2 PS3 review, you'll know we reckon it's a game to drool over - but what do the rest of the gaming media make of it? Much the same...

After being universally lauded as one of the standout games of 2010, BioWare's epic sci-fi action RPG today finally makes its way to Sony's console in Europe.

PSM3's reviewer said: "Mass Effect 2 is unrivalled. It's an adventure you're unlikely to forget, and even less likely to put down before its thrilling climax". Few are arguing with that.


TheSixthAxis draws attention to the visual improvements made for the PS3, saying the "updated game engine is noticeably better for textures", which along with the game's "unmatched" scripting and narrative makes "one of the best games of 2010, now even better" and sticking a 10/10 score on it.

Games Radar also awarded Mass Effect 2 on PS3 a 10/10, describing it as having "finely crafted story, characters and dialog" an "excellent blend of shooting, strategy and talking" and a great overall package that has "all the DLC goodies included".

IGN's 9.5 review says "Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games on PlayStation 3 and a must-own". It praises the game's "deep, fleshed-out story" that places a focus "intensely on character development" and says the "non-linear approach, choice making and reliance on gray areas gives advocates of the sandbox-style game a reason to delve in".

Combat also gets a thumbs up from IGN, the reviewer describes it as "solid" and even "stronger than many dedicated third-person shooters".

1UP's Jeremy Parish awarded the game an A-, saying that although the "continuity of customization offered by the dozens of decision links between the first two games" are "largely lost on PS3" the PS3 version shows "that the game holds up nicely a year after its debut."

GameInformer awarded it a 9.50, concluding its review by saying "the characters, the story, and the gameplay come together to deliver a jaw-dropping adventure unlike anything else" and "just as good on PS3 as it on 360".

The praise continues in GamePro's 4.5/5 star review. "It's the same great game 360 owners are already familiar with, albeit outfitted with the previously released DLC and the slick new Mass Effect: Genesis backstory comic" says the site.

The Genesis introductory comic is called "a fine alternative to playing the original game" and the "excellent DLC works seamlessly with the main quest".

Mass Effect 2 PS3 review scores take a small dip with GameSpot's 8.5 review score, in which it praises "Great characters", "Outstanding art design" and "varied missions and environments" but docks it a few points for "technical issues" including the occasional distracting frame rate hitches.

BioWare has released the first trailer for Mass Effect 3, check it out here.