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CVG: Comments of the week

This is why we're here...

What's this? A whole field full of funny comments and only a couple from the story about Smell-O-Vision?

You lot must be developing your skills. While it's great to see, it makes our job a bit harder because now we actually have to look in articles that don't seem to have too much funny potential on the surface.

Let's keep the humour to headlines about sex, falling over and general horseplay shall we? It's better for everyone.

Oh okay do what you want, whatever. Here are your best bits.

Jonathan Ross: Nintendo 3DS is 'far better' than expected

Woss Weally likes Wipping off the Wapper on his new 3DS games, And cant wait to play Wesident evil.

Good mockery of speech impediment there waltyftm, good mockery indeed.

Want to lose weight? Don't eat and game

When I played EVE and I was on some boring corp mining thing then I used to have some beers and eat some biscuits or golden syrup from the tin because I couldn't be arsed making proper food. So less intense games do tend to make you snack more in my experience.

Golden Syrup from the tin CrispyLog? Good grief.

Microsoft CEO: 'Xbox isn't a gaming console'

well then, my toaster is no longer a toaster, it's now a bread/crumpet multi function home kitchen browning centre!

Mmm we'd love to get our hands on one of those new fangled browning centres sith lord69. Sort us out will you?

Games likely fuel mental health problems - Study

NFS: Shift can have a dramatic effect on my personality. If I'm not in a very good mood I tend to race too aggressively, then I crash a lot and make myself even more grumpy and angry. Rinse repeat, till my wife comes home and I hack her into small pieces and bury her in the garden. I'm on my fifth damn marriage thanks to Shift.

We've got to say, we didn't see the ugly turn that anecdote was going to take until it was too late raredevice.

It's not the games, its the chair you sit in.

We always lie down when playing games AegisK and we're all built like Olympians so you might be on to something there.

I share a similar story I'm afraid, After playing Final Fight as a kid I was convinced that eating food I find in bins would be good for me and help me get better after being hurt,

And whos to blame? exactly, people who don't cook their food before throwing it away.

Come by our offices at night, dannyhulse we throw away all our food, piping hot and in one of those fancy-dancy protective domes. We'll take your order now if you want.

*takes prozac*

*reads further*

'pass me my schizophrenia pills please'

*forgots, that my friend is imaginary*

What about donuts from the shop near the church?
They don't have any, but ii went buy some games nearby. Oh, ok. Did i was there with you, yes off course? Finished medal of honor today with donuts was ok, but no jam inside. Custard is wrong.

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