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Is it wrong to play first-person shooters?

Mailbox: Well? Is it? Let us know

In last week's mailbox feature Michael Haylett was baffled by some of the design decisions in Gran Turismo 5.


This week Luke Pevreal asks whether it's alright to play FPS games like Call of Duty and Half Life 2.

I've enjoyed playing a good ol' first-person shooter since I was two years old. Nothing thrills me more than the triumph of a headshot.

But a thought has struck me. Is it wrong to play first-person shooters?

I know millions of others indulge in them but the sound of rackin' up kill streaks in CoD or owning my friends in Half-Life 2 wouldn't seem appealing to a man 100 hundred years ago.

But don't get me wrong, it's my favourite game genre. What do you think?

Games Master says: Well, we're on delicate ground here as 100 years ago, most men were preparing for World War One.

That said, being able to separate games from real life is the best way to enjoy them...

We all enjoy videogames so in no way should you feel bad about that. After all, it's just a game at the end of the day.

CVG says: We're inclined to agree with the lads and ladies at Games Master. At the end of the day it is a game, but that doesn't mean a real issue of morality can't arise in relation to games of this nature.

Perhaps Six days in Fallujah, the game based on the current war in Iraq may have opened the issue up for more discussion but alas it got cancelled thanks to pressure from the mainstream.

It's a bit of a slippery slope, at what point do we start thinking about whether watching films with a similar subject matter is an issue?

As it stands, no one objects to films using similar content as long as it's tasteful and we can't see a reason to do so for games. Enjoy your first-person shooters friend.

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