Killzone 3 review - OPM goes with 9/10

"A watershed moment", says mag

The first English Killzone 3 review has arrived via Official PlayStation Magazine UK, and it's gone with a big 9/10.

In its six-page review OPM says of the PS3 exclusive: "on a visual level, as a 3D breakthrough, this feels like a watershed moment in a revolution affecting all of gaming". Wow-ee.


For those who will be playing Killzone 3 on a 3DTV with a Move controller, OPM calls the experience "remarkable", while on gameplay terms "Black Ops is the only FPS on PS3 that can match this".

Why didn't it get a 10/10 then, we hear you ask? According to OPM the voice acting isn't perfect and the story thus lacks "emotive punch".

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Earlier today, Guerrilla posted a complete overview of Killzone 3's multiplayer maps ahead of the shooter's launch next month.

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