3DS launch titles 'still being nailed down' - Nintendo

But "we're pretty close", says UK GM

Nintendo is still nailing down the exact UK launch titles set to be available for the Nintendo 3DS on day one, it's told CVG.

Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam this week, UK general manager David Yarnton said the firm's "pretty close" to naming the exact games set to hit shelves on March 25.


"We've still got to nail down the exact titles, because one of the big things when we look at a global launch - all of the markets in the space of four weeks - is trying to get a whole range of titles ready for launch.

"So we're pretty close. In the next week or so we'll be able to say 'these are the exact launch titles'. We're close but not quite ready to get exact titles."

Asked if we should read in to the fact that the platform holder's leaving the decision until the last minute, perhaps trying to slip in another big title, Yarnton said:

"It's a combination of looking at third-party as well. We're launching with more titles than we probably ever have and it's a matter of trying to get that breadth but also being fair to everyone."

This morning an MCV report claimed ten titles will be available on 3DS launch day, including Street Fighter, PES and Nintendogs.

Nintendo's official line is that 25 games will hit during the 3DS launch window.