Metal Gear Solid HD trilogy coming to PS3?

Official PlayStation Magazine's insider whispers say 'yes'

An HD reworking of the original Metal Gear Solid trilogy is on the way to PS3, according to 'insider whispers' heard by the ears of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine.

In the mag's new issue, in stores now, it reports that Snake is "in the facelift queue", and that the "first three" MGS games are set to be reborn in High Definition.


No details of release window, price or whether the trilogy will be a boxed or digital product are given.

However, any reworking of Kojima-san's much-loved original trio will be music to the ears of PlayStation nuts, with the games still very much considered classics of the genre.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots is currently the only MGS title to be released for PS3. It enjoys a very healthy 94 per cent average review score on Metacritic. Could it be joined by its predecessors in full HD later this year?

We've contacted Sony and Konami for comment.

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