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The 7 best action games ever

Gaming's biggest heroes embarking on epic adventures...

Whether you're running through jungles, sneaking through restricted areas of stabbing yourself through renaissance Italy, there's just something a bit special about the third-person action genre.

Okay, so you don't step behind the eyes of the protagonist and become a hero like in an FPS - you sort of follow the hero around. But that's why this genre spawns so many gaming icons so quickly: Solid Snake, Lara Croft, Nate Drake, we fell in love with them all almost over night.

Here are some of our favourite third-person action adventure games - quite the definitive Top 7, say we. But we're sure you've got your own opinions, so make sure you stick your own lists in the comment section below....


We all have our own personal favourite parts of the Metal Gear franchise - from surviving in the shrubbery of the jungle in Snake Eater to going ever so slightly loopy as a young Raiden in Sons of Liberty.

Let's not forget where it all began, though, with Solid Snake scuba-diving to Shadow Moses, crouching on one knee and picking up the call on the Codec. We'll never forget it.

1998's Metal Gear Solid is where it all began; the unruly story of conspiracy, the exclamation marks above startled henchmen's noggins, the funny neck-breaking tapping mechanic complete with odd choking noises spewing from the victim's gullet.

Metal Gear Solid spawned a series that has become absolutely legendary, as has the characters within it and the lore surrounding it. The original had a level of sophistication that we just hadn't seen in games in the '90s and for that reason it stealthily sneaks into out list.

It seems that Naughty Dog's treasure-hunting adventurer makes just about every list feature that finds its way on to the internet. If we're honest, we're struggling to find different ways to write about it, but write we must because it's here for a reason.

Uncharted 2 may not have blown the third-person adventure mechanics wide open or revolutionised the genre, it just did everything really well.

Not only did it look beautiful both in terms of graphical quality and design, it had fluid, impactful mechanics in a game that moved with perfect pacing thanks to a well crafted narrative and characters you could relate to.

Add to that spectacular set-pieces that spring up on you seamlessly without interrupting your control and you've got yourself an action game (and series, in fact) that's refined in every way and sets the bar for the rest of the industry.


Assassin's Creed II did more than enough to remedy the slowly encroaching and ultimately engulfing disappointment of Assassin's Creed.

Assassin's Creed II offered a deeper, more entertaining protagonist than it's predecessor (sorry Altair, but you were a bit too straight and narrow) and a story with some proper narrative progression built in rather than just squashed into dialogue between repetitive missions.

But we've chosen Brotherhood because it manages to build on II taking it just that little bit further as far as action gaming is concerned. Having a group of assassins on call who've got your back at a moments notice was a neat and ultimately incredibly bad-ass feature and an improved combat system meant that killing could flow that little bit better.

Brotherhood's online suite redefined traditional multiplayer gameplay as well, bringing us a unique type of online action that was calm, collected and yet still ultimately very deadly.

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