3DS launch: Were you convinced?

Debate: Will you be doling out for some 3D action?

With Wednesday's 3DS launch Nintendo (and Jonathan Ross) finally answered the last few questions hanging over its ground breaking 3D handheld.

With all the hype surrounding a device, which Nintendo claims will blow us all away (we get a lot of that), it's one of the most anticipated gaming entities coming this year.


3D in your hands, without glasses? What's the catch? Well, depending on how you look at it, there could be a few.

First of all there's the region lock; a controversial feature when it comes to handhelds. It's a decision Ninty have made have parental control reasons, since different regions have different rating systems. That's fair enough but the by-product is that keen importers of games will be stopped at the gate. The Nintendo faithful in particular have always followed developments and this move could hurt them.

Then there's the 3-5 hour battery life. For those of you who are going to be making full use of the 3D effect and extras like wi-fi, is a three hour stint before a hefty recharge going to be enough?

Then there's the price. Nintendo's left it to the retailers' discretion and it looks like those retailers have settled on a number just over the 200 mark. It's looking like a great bit of kit but we know many of you will have been hoping to spend something on the other side of £200, are you willing to pull out the extra notes?

Depending on how you feel about the above, these could be deal breakers or just minor qualms. There's no question that the Nintendo 3DS is unique in the amount of intrigue and novelty it creates but is it enough?

Let us know your thoughts on the 3DS launch, the price tag, the first few titles and whether you're still thirsty for a bit of handheld 3D.