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Duke Nukem Forever: Past it pansy or comeback king?

Debate: Are YOU still betting on Duke?

So, 2K has set a release date for Duke Nukem Forever in stone. Up off the floor yet?

13 years after our appetites were first whetted for the game, we're finally going to get our hands on DNF in May.


But it's been a long time since Duke was steroid-popping darling of gamers everywhere, and despite an inarguable enduring affection for the big man, is he still relevant enough to attract enough fans to "come get some" with their wallet?

When Duke Nukem Forever was first supposed to launch - last decade, remember - an action hero parody with a loosely misogynistic tongue and a penchant for sticking his size nines through any hint of political correctness was a worthwhile caricature; a meat-headed reminder that our world was becoming oddly afraid of testosterone, and a two-fingers up to those who couldn't abide a do-first-think-later hero.

But have we perhaps passed that point? Is Duke still a character that means something in the 21st Century?

The other side of the coin is that he's a scintillating reminder of our adolescent urges - of our primal need to "kick ass and chew bubblegum" - and that his base attraction to male gamers of all ages will never go away.

Despite Gearbox's phoenix from the flames rescue job - which we can already attest has created a surprisingly polished, HD product - Duke faces tough competition this spring from the likes of Crysis 2, Killzone 3, Homefront and, natural rival, Bulletstorm.

What do you reckon, then readers? Will our hero be breathing his last in 2011? Or will you - and others like you - still be betting on Duke?