Halo 4: 343 Industries on fresh staff hunt

12 positions open for "new high profile Halo experience"

Is Microsoft hard at work on Halo 4? According to new job listings, that might just be the case.

343 Industries - who have taken over control of the franchise following Bungie's move to create a new IP for Activision - has listed 12 new job positions on its site.


And what game are they for, we hear you ask? For a "new high profile Halo experience", of course.

Positions include that of design director, animator, engineers, environment artist, multiplayer designer and technical artist.

The team - and, therefore, the project - has obviously grown since 343 first put out the call for fresh blood in June last year. It then advertised in December to fill 17 positions.

There's reassuring news for hardcore fans, too: 343 is very particular about who it wants to hire. It's asking for "rabid" fans of the series who can prove that they've "played all of the games and thought a lot about the franchise".

Do any of you have what it takes?

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]