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CVG's Site Of The Week:

Tipping our hats to the best gaming websites...

Last week IndustryGamers grabbed our affection and made us want to spread the word.

This week we're getting console exclusive again with the online presence of Official Xbox Magazine.

Zoom, of course, stands by the same principles, passions and editorial standards as its paper counterpart.

But, because trees are finite and the internet stretches as far as the eye can see, you'll find loads of great extras and additions from the OXM staff and the world of 360 gaming on the magazine's official homepage.

We sat down with OXM editor Jon Hicks and let him do the talking:

What sets OXM apart from other sites? is part of the Official Xbox Magazine and, as such, acts as a digital content repository for all the magazine's reviews, previews and features. The magazine staff also write bespoke articles for the site, including personal blog posts on a regular basis.

We're official but editorially independent. So we have all the benefits that our official title gives us, including some decent access to Microsoft, whilst still maintaining our editorial voice.

What would you say you specialise in?

We specialise in longer, extensively researched features, like our recent Get A Job In Games rundown - as well as topical list features, of course. More generally and obviously, we specialise in Xbox 360. If it's happening on the console or on Xbox Live, we're interested in it and want to cover it.

We also aim to expand the magazine for its readers - our article research invariably turns up more than we can fit in the print edition, so it goes on Recent examples have been extended interviews on Bulletstorm and Gears 3, along with extended profiles for our Get A Job In Games week.

What do you have planned for the future?

More, basically. Of everything. More content which sparks the imagination of the Xbox 360 fanbase and upon which we can expand our community.

We're aiming to redevelop the site in 2011 and build it into a first class destination for the massive community of Xbox 360 fans in the UK.