SSFIV video: 15 minutes of Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma

Man films clear footage of new fighters in arcade version

Here's a 15-minute video of new fighters Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu slapping the snot out of each other in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade.

Both characters are intended as unplayable boss characters - which is just as well considering that, apparently, both are massively over-powered. But as you'll glimpse at the start of the video, there's some debug screen trickery going on that's allowing these guys to take control of them both.

The video's much clearer than earlier shots, but the guy filming this one either has an attention disorder or has been on the beer, because he can't hold a camera straight to save his life.

This comes after a leaked 360 achievements list suggested that both Evil Akuma and Evil Ryu were on their way to the console versions of SSFIV.

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[ SOURCE: Via Destructoid ]