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Del Toro: 'Games the cornerstone of narrative in next decade'

Movie director turned game developer says gaming will "take over storytelling" in future

Video games will "completely take over storytelling in our society" in the not too distant future, believes Guillermo del Toro.

The movie director, who's now heading development on his first game, Insane, with THQ and Volition, reckons games, not Hollywood, will be the powerhouse of creative storytelling within the next ten years.


"I'm 46, I've been playing video games since they were essentially made available to the public. I've seen the form evolve from total reflex coordination gaming into a true narrative powerhouse," he said in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

"I believe video games are going to be the cornerstone of narrative in the next decade," he added. "As a storyteller it is my duty to get going on learning the language not as a gamer, but as a storyteller."

Later in the interview, del Toro reiterated: "I think video games are going to completely take over storytelling in our society, and I firmly believe, if I'm lucky and blessed enough, and if I prove adept at this, I'll be evolving with the form into storytelling of this kind."

Do you think games are truly ready to take the baton from Hollywood?