Epic Mickey 2: Spector has 'no shortage of ideas'

A new music mechanic or expanded use of paint and thinner under consideration

It sounds like Warren Spector already has a mountain of ideas for a possible sequel to Epic Mickey.

Despite mixed reviews and somewhat disappointing sales, Spector seems pretty keen on the idea of doing a follow-up.


"As far as a second Epic Mickey game goes, there's no shortage of interesting challenges to tackle," he told Game Informer magazine.

"I have some ideas about music gameplay that could be fun and there's a world of stuff can do with paint and thinner that we couldn't even have thought of the first time around. Or we could do some stuff completely different and not to any of the stuff I've mentioned here. Who knows? There's no shortage of ideas."

Spector even hinted at the possibility that the studio may work on another Disney series entirely. "I've actually always envisioned Junction Point - well, once we became a part of Disney - as the studio that draws inspiration from the Archives," he said.

I've been pretty up front about my love of the Ducks. I'd love to do a Duck Tales game, and a Gremlins game would be amazing. Oswald would make a great leading man ... rabbit."

We vote Duck Tales.