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DC Universe Online patch fails to fix voice chat

Users still complaining despite this weekend's update

Sony Online Entertainment this weekend released a fix patch for DC Universe Online which should have fixed a number of issues, but has failed to fix the game's voice chat feature.


That's according to a large number of complaints on the game's official forums from users who are furious that the problem - a serious one in an MMO that requires player communication - still has not been fixed.

An SOE rep has said on the forum: "There have been some intermittent issues with chat. Please specify where and when they aren't working so we can help identify the issue better."

They later followed up with: "We are currently working on implementing some chat improvements. In the interim I'd like to see if there are some specific areas or types of chat not working more often than others. If it's a server load issue, we will absolutely address it."

Head over if you have any input that might help SOE in its search for the root problem. In the meantime, here's the change list for the patch released on Saturday:


* Improved Client performance and stability.
* Addressed an issue that caused some PS3 players to hang or disconnect in the tutorial.
* Addressed an issue where other characters may appear to "warp" onscreen.
* The time it takes to get to Character Selection on launch has been reduced.


* Audio should no longer drop after cutscenes if you have your Music volume set to 0.


* The player's Voice Chat Channel should now be selected according to the following priority, from highest to lowest:

Player Appearance:

* Equipping a new weapon should no longer cause your weapon appearance to disappear.
* Swapping weapons with your weapon style locked should no longer cause the weapon appearance to change.


Player character animations should no longer have the chance of getting stuck when weaponizing objects.


* Adjusted difficulty of content in the Venom Lab to level 7 to better match the surrounding content.
* No Joke quest is now available at level 18 instead of 19.
* A Crook's Best Friend mission is now available at level 18 instead of 19.
* Something's Fishy... quest is now available at level 22 instead of 23.
* Road to Hell quest is now available at level 22 instead of 23.
* Fateful Omen quest is now available at level 26 instead of 27.
* Hardcorps quest is now available at level 26 instead of 27.


Pressing the "Accept" button on the Server Selection screen multiple times should no longer result in odd ssues with Character Creation movies and UI.

[ SOURCE: DCUO Forums ]