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Why Okami flopped - Capcom

'It was overshadowed by new consoles', explains producer.

With the release of Okamiden just a few months away, Capcom producer has told Official Nintendo Magazine why the original game flopped when it was initially released on PlayStation 2 in 2007. It's because it was released on the wrong console at the wrong time.

The Legend Of Zelda-style adventure was critically acclaimed - receiving 9.5 in our Okami review - but it perhaps wasn't as popular as it should have been.

According to Eshiro, launching the game when new consoles were being announced may have been a problem.


"I can't comment officially but, personally speaking, I think it had a lot to do with the announcements for new consoles," said Eshiro. "That was overshadowing any other game news at the time."

Okamiden will be released for DS on 18 March, one week before 3DS.

According to ONM, it certainly deserves a big audience. As they said in their Okamiden preview in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, "If this doesn't sell, there's something incurably wrong with the world."

You can read the full Okamiden preview and Motohide Eshiro interview in the February issue of Official Nintendo Magazine. Click here to buy a copy and get it delivered direct to your door, or even better, subscribe and get Monster Hunter Tri.