Nintendo 3DS UK price dips to £199.85

ShopTo taking sub-£200 pre-orders for a limited time only

ShopTo is taking 3DS pre-orders for £199.85 "for a limited time only".

It's unclear how long the offer will run for, but it applies to both the 'aqua blue' and 'cosmos black' versions of the upcoming portable.

The retailer's also taking pre-orders for 3DS software ranging in price from £27.85 - £34.85.


3DS carries a trade price of £173, it was reported last week. Nintendo has failed to specify an RRP for 3DS in Europe, but most retailers are taking pre-orders for between £219 and £230.

Nintendo UK has advised gamers who want to get their hands on a 3DS at launch to pre-order the portable.

[ SOURCE: ShopTo ]