Activision using Black Ops PS3, PC players 'like game testers' - Pressure group

Gamers' Voice submitting a formal complaint "to the relevant government agencies"

Pro gamer consumer lobby group Gamers' Voice has slammed Activision for treating PS3 and PC Call of Duty: Black Ops players like game testers.

Confirming plans to submit a formal complaint "to the relevant government agencies" this week over problems with the "unfinished" PC and PS3 versions of the massively popular shooter, the organisation said:


"The view of Gamers' Voice is that it doesn't matter how big a game is, it should not be released 'unfinished' or with bugs that make the game unplayable, which are words we have seen in a lot of emails to us recently.

"Gamers' Voice accepts that bugs do slip through the net as it's impossible for developers to find every single bug," it added. "We do not accept however allowing entire sections of the PS3 and PC gaming community appearing to be used as game testers for an extended period after a game's release, yet being asked to pay for the privilege. This is not a tenable way to treat consumers of video games."

Gamers' Voice - founded in 2009 by MP Tom Watson and a former CVG site of the week - says it now has over 16,000 Facebook members.