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Dead Space 2 PS3

Polished sequel to cult sci-fi shooter deserves new disciples

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It's not at all a bad extra: think of it like a bonus mode rather than full-fledged multiplayer and you won't end up disappointed. To be fair, the special edition package - available only through in the UK - comes with a HD version of on-rails Wii shooter Dead Space Extraction, the great solo game and multi player in one package and, as such, is superb value.

Multi-player is more of a bonus than an essential feature and, unusually, the special edition is arguably better value as a package thanks to including the excellent Dead Space: Extraction.

But if you want to forget the accoutrements, the extra modes and pack-ins, how does DS2 measure up as a survival horror? It's beautiful, that goes without saying, and a relentless beast in combat.


But more than that, it understands how players play - what they look for, listen to, and most of all what they expect. That's why, and this is a considerable achievement, it can genuinely scare you with a common sprinkler system.

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The verdict

Masterful scares underpin wild action; a polished and worthy sequel

  • A gorgeous, terrifying world
  • Genuine scares
  • Multiplayer is a bit flat
PlayStation 3
Visceral Games
EA Games
Action, Adventure