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New L.A Noire trailer in full HD

Rockstar sends over official version

Rockstar has sent over the official, full-HD version of its new L.A Noire trailer.

The video shows protagonist Cole Phelps investigating a never-before-seen serial killer case - and there are hints at some fairly grisly scenes. Rockstar is keen to stress that all of the stunning footage contained within is actual gameplay. Impressive.


L.A Noire, developed by Australian studio Team Bondi in conjunction with Rockstar, pits you as detective Phelps, as you investigate a series of post-WW2 crimes in Hollywood, on desks including Vice, Homicide and Traffic.

The L.A Noire UK release date is May 20, and it will hit the US three days earlier.

Check out the new YouTube video below in 720p. A slightly grimier version of the footage leaked online over the weekend.

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