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Kinect hack attempts Star Wars holograms

And fails miserably

A new Kinect project has attempted to use Microsoft's 3D motion-sensing camera, a laptop, a holographic video display and a lady pretending to be Princess Leia to recreate the hologram tech seen in Star Wars.

That sounds cool enough to make any Star Wars fan or general tech nerd to shit the bed with excitement. Except it only manages to demonstrate that, while it's possible to get all the tech playing nice with each other, the human race is still RUBBISH at making holograms.

That red mess is apparently a fully 3D (without glasses, obviously) recreation of that slightly foreign Leia streamed via the internet from the eyes of the Kinect.

Mighty clever stuff from the boys at the Object-Based Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. But still rubbish compared to Star Wars.

Call us when it doesn't look like the display inside a severely buggered Virtual Boy.

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[ SOURCE: Via Kotaku ]