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Metal Gear Solid HD trilogy: Would you buy it?

Debate: Would revamp be worth the cash?

Rumours and whisperings at the end of last week suggested that we could be seeing a Metal Gear Solid HD trilogy coming to PlayStation 3 in the near future.


It's the latest in a growing trend - with other notable HD remakes and collections making their way on to Sony's console at a pace. We've already had God of War, Prince of Persia and The Sly Collection, while Oddworld, Mortal Kombat and Splinter Cell are either confirmed or rumoured for future transformations.

On the one hand, working our way through Kojima-san's wiggly narrative all over again in sexy full High Definition is hugely appealing; on the other, we'd kind of prefer a brand spanking new MGS to plough the hours into.

Also, we're sure you can all name a few more HD remakes you'd like to see given the 2011 treatment - but where does Metal Gear Solid come in your list? What do you want to see follow it out of the paint shop? Hitman anyone?

Let us know below if you'll be dipping into your pocket for an HD MGS trilogy, or if you'd prefer Sony and its respective publishers focused on the future - or another title - instead...