PSP2: First hardware pic?

Supposed image appears ahead of Friday's reveal

Is this the first proper image of the soon-to-be-announced PSP2? Time to put our detective hats on...

This artwork surfaced online today on 2ch, Japan's largest online forum. As you can see it features a supposedly official PSP2, complete with PSPgo-style sliding shell, 32GB SD card, 'PSP2' memory stick and a stylus.


Unlike the current PSP, Sony's new handheld supposedly includes two analogue nubs.

This supposed image comes ahead of an event later this week called the 'PlayStation Meeting' where, according to multiple reports, Sony is set to finally reveal the PSP2.

What's fishy about this picture, points out Kotaku, is that it appears to be a photograph of some kind of handout, which is a common way for photoshoppers to disguise the differences in resolution you'd find with a faked image.

The buttons and d-pad look to be at a slightly different resolution too.

We've contacted SCEE for comment.

[UPDATE: An SCEE spokesperson told CVG: "We don't comment on rumour or speculation."]

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]