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Crysis 2 Xbox demo: Is it any good?

Early verdicts are in

The Xbox-exclusive Crysis 2 demo is out on 360 - and the early verdicts are coming in thick and fast.


The demo was unleashed on Microsoft's console earlier today - and judging by our download queue, has been quite the must-have trial.

Twitter is ablaze with gamers giving their early reviews and, as you may expect, they're something of a mixed bag.

Here's a handful:

"The Crysis 2 controls sucks balls as always, that kills every new fps. Only a 60fps game like COD will do it for me" @davexphoto

"Crysis 2 is the best-looking multiplatform game, so far. It even rivals a lot of 360 and PS3 exclusive games, graphics-wise! Amazing!!" @theplotlessplot

"I dunno about Crysis 2, feels abit meh." @ Ve3tro_Reece

"Just played the Crysis 2 demo. It's fun but the pop up is the worst I've seen on a 360 so far." @CharlieGrimes

So, a fair few grumbles, combined with some outlandish praise - particularly for the game's visuals (which were never really in doubt).

But forget the Tweeters of this world. Let us know what YOU think. Have you downloaded the Crysis 2 demo? What are your early thoughts?