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Dead Space 2 review - 9/10 on GamesRadar

A "haunting adventure" for all, says the site

The folks over at GamesRadar have come out from behind the couch long enough to give EA and Visceral Games' Dead Space 2 an impressive 9/10 review score.


The review wastes no time, kicking off by saying "Dead Space 2 is an incredibly polished experience that falls just short of true greatness" and praising the developers for building on the solid "foundation rather than tear it all down".

The review notes that although the "core combat of Dead Space is pretty much unchanged" this is an area that only needed small tweaks.

In Dead Space 2 the "expertly done third-person camera along with "each new weapon you find" and new enemies create challenge and add "some much needed depth", keeping each enemy encounter "pretty fresh throughout the game".

Like the first game the intuitive interface design "makes sense within the futuristic universe" and contributes towards creating an "immersive experience and keeps the intensity at a constant high".

Dead Space 2's set piece moments are likened more to Uncharted 2 than the first Dead Space, in these moments. These are a big departure from the first game but the review says "they ultimately fit the modified tone of the series" and there aren't "enough as to completely change the flavor of the game".

According to GamesRadar, although the multiplayer "certainly won't get the following of Call of Duty," the intense fights and objective based gameplay modes "could see it being more than just a distraction".

Overall, Dead Space 2 succeeds by "keeping almost everything that made the original great while taking suitable steps to amp up the fun".

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