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Okamiden trailer goes for small screen record

And someone at Capcom needs training on how to make trailer

Is this a joke? Honestly. Because we can't see how any right-minded human being would consider this a good way to show off any game - even a DS one.


Why don't you make the video screen smaller, Capcom. We'd love that. It'd be awesome. If you're watching this Okamiden trailer on a notebook, just forget it. You need a decent sized-screen and fast connection so you can full-screen the video in 720p without it turning to blur-o-vision.

All moaning aside, the game looks great.

In other news, it's producer has speculated that the first Okami game sold poorly because the announcement of new consoles stole its limelight.

Yeah. Okamiden will be released for DS on March 18, one week before 3DS hits shelves. Good plan.