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Black Ops Patch 1.06 puts weird Xbox Live message on PS3

What the...?

As you probably know, Treyarch released the PS3 Black Ops Patch 1.06 yesterday in an attempt to address online issues with the FPS on the Sony console.

Judging by an image that's emerged on the internet though, someone somewhere along the line has gotten a little bit confused.


A Black Ops PS3 user on the Call of Duty forums has drawn people's attention to text written under the multiplayer game mode Search and Destroy info which reads "No Xbox LIVE party chat."

We didn't assume there would be.

What the implications of the gaff are exactly, we're not sure, but it seems like Activision and Treyarch just can't seem to get it quite right for PS3 users.

Gaming lobby group Gamers' Voice claimed on Monday that Activision was 'treating PS3 and PC Black Ops players like game testers', after complaints were raised over the game's buggy nature on the platforms.

In fact, that's the reason Patch 1.06 was released in the first place. It seems like we're not quite out of the woods yet.

[ SOURCE: Call of Duty Forums ]