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Thief limitations inspired creation of Deus Ex - Spector

Legendary creator discusses the genesis of his classic

Legendary designer Warren Spector has revealed that his critically acclaimed sci-fi action RPG Deus Ex was born from frustrations he experienced whilst helping create Eidos' Thief: The Dark Project.


Spector worked briefly on Thief whilst at Looking Glass Studios, but left in 1997 to join John Romero at Ion Storm in Austin, Texas, where he and his team set to work on Deus Ex.

The exec told Xbox World 360 that he was "so frustrated by Thief" and the way it forced players into combat, that it motivated him to create a game where sneaking and fighting were both viable ways to deal with a situation.

"Deus Ex exists today because I said, 'I'm going to show these guys that I can make a game where you can sneak and fight and make it work'" said Spector.

Spector's defiance eventually extended to the purpose behind Deus Ex, which he says he created with the intention of shaming other devs.

"One of my goals for Deus Ex was - and I used to think about it this way - 'I want to shame developers; I want to shame my peers and force them to make different kinds of games'".

Spector reflected on his crusade for variety positively, drawing attention to the sheer number of different kinds of games available today in comparison to years ago.

Spector last year finished working on Disney Epic Mickey. He subsequently revealed that he already has a mountain of ideas for a possible sequel to the game.

Spector's comments came in the first part of Xbox World 360 magazine's fantastic 100 Secrets of Gaming feature. The second part is featured in issue 101, which is available to buy now.