Back to the Future: The Game headed to retail stores

Telltale confirms boxed release

Telltale Games has revealed that its adventure games based on Back to the Future will soon be available in retail stores.


Speaking to MCV, Telltale's head of publishing James Lamorticelli said that the studio's future releases are also likely to end up on shelves.

"Telltale's strategy has always been to take our games to retail in as many markets that we can across the globe" said Lamorticelli.

"Historically, we have released most of our brands at retail in varied territories and our intent is to continue to reach retail audiences with all of our future releases as well"

According to Lamorticelli, the episodic nature of Telltale's games make them suitable for boxed release, since shoppers are already accustom to buying similarly packaged TV box-sets.

"Boxed product releases are like the 'end of season' DVDs that TV shows get, and customers are acclimated to buying at retail."

Lamorticellli went on to say that he hopes there will be less of a delay between digital and boxed releases with future titles.

He added: "Part of what we are trying to achieve is a shorter timeframe between when our season ends digitally and when the entire pack hits store shelves,"

"We have recently been in discussions about testing new ways to reach our retail customers on multiple channels when our digital season is still in process."

Over the last few years, Telltale has established itself as the leading creator of adventure games.

As well as the Sam and Max titles Telltale has created a number of new Monkey Island titles - which are also scheduled to hit retail stores later this year - and is currently working on a game set in the Jurassic Park universe.