PSP2 is here - first pics!

Snaps from Sony's Japan press conference

The first pics of Sony's new PSP, codenamed NGP, have hit the net.

The device, which has a "huge OLED screen" according to our man on the ground, boasts front and rear touchpads and dual thumbsticks.

Update: We've just added a shed load of nice high-res snaps of the console and gameplay shots of the games, courtesy of Engadget.

Lost Planet!

Kotaku has the first snaps, which you can see here. Sony has confirmed that NGP will launch this Holiday - or Christmas to you Brits.
Sony officially announced the device first thing this morning, confirming that it has two touch-screens on the front and back of the device, two thumbsticks and a five inch OLED screen.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]