Uncharted PSP2 revealed, detailed

Jungle territory shown off by Sony

Sony worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has shown off Uncharted for the PSP2 - codenamed NGP - in Japan this morning.

The title looks "stunning" according to our man in Japan, who "can't get over how vivid the colours are".


Yoshida himself referenced the "large and beautiful screen" whilst playing, which he claimed was around double the size of the standard 3.5 inch smartphone display.

The exec played through a jungle scene with Nathan Drake, who returns in the portable game. He used the touchpad to jump, but said that the X button would have the same function.

Most interestingly, Yoshida 'rocked' the console back and forth to move vine - showing off some motion control - and then rubbed the back trackpad up and down to climb it.

He said: "Movements like that can deliver a very intuitive feeling."

The demo finished with a melee kill. We'll post some pics as soon as they come in.

Sony officially announced the device first thing this morning, confirming that it has two touch-screens on the front and back of the device, two thumbsticks and a five inch OLED screen.