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Kojima: PSP2 IS as powerful as PS3, new game at E3

Metal Gear creator excited by new Sony console

Hideo Kojima has backed up claims that PSP2 - codenamed NGP - is every bit as powerful as PS3.

Speaking on stage at Sony's Meeting event in Japan moments ago, Kojima said that he hoped to create a title which you could play at home on your PS3 and then continue to play on the move with NGP.


Although he didn't have any specific announcements, he did mention E3. Exciting times.

"On NGP, we can enjoy the same quality as PS3."

"When we launched Peace Walker for PSP, this is what I said: In the near future there will be a world of cloud computing... I really believe that you can have a portable MGS and Peace Walker was an experiment for the cloud computing future. NGP allows this cloud computing."

"What I'd like to realize is playing on your PS3, and when you go out, you put the game on your NGP, and when you come back home, you can once again use your PS3 and large screen TV."

"This dream is going to come true in the near future. And right now, I'm working on this project of the dream. I'm sorry, I can't reveal this now. But we'd like to present what we're doing at E3"