New Call Of Duty for PSP2 confirmed

Activision shows off shooter on Sony's NGP

Activision has just taken to the stage in Japan to show off a new Call Of Duty for Sony's PSP2, or NGP as the platform holder has codenamed it.

The publisher's Philip Earl stood beaming in from of a CoD logo. Details were thin on the ground, but he did comment:


"We believe that NGP will change the way people play games on the go, and what better way to prove that, than with Call of Duty."

He added: "We believe CoD for NGP will set the bar for the next generation of portable gaming."

Following Earl's presentation, Sony PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai took to the stage to show off a little more about the game.

Sony officially announced the device first thing this morning, confirming that it has two touch-screens on the front and back of the device, two thumbsticks and a five inch OLED screen.