PSP2: Killzone, Call Of Duty, Resistance and Uncharted spearhead impressive games line-up

We round up NGP titles announced in Japan this morning

Sony will release versions of LittleigPlanet, Killzone and Uncharted for PSP2, aka NGP, after the device releases later this year.


The firm announced a host of its own titles in Tokyo at its PlayStation Meeting this morning, and was backed by major third-parties such as Activision, which gave us a glimpse at its new Call Of Duty game.

The specs of its new portable, revealed earlier today, are very impressive - and include a five inch OLED screen.

The full list of games / franchises confirmed to be coming to PSP2 were:

- Killzone
- Call of Duty
- LittleBigPlanet
- Uncharted
- Resistance
- WipEout
- Monster Hunter Portable 3
- Hot Shots Golf
- Gravity Daze
- Reality Fighters
- Smart As
- Broken
- Little Deviants
- Dynasty Warriors

The crowd in Tokyo were also shown some tech demos by the likes of Epic and Hideo Kojima, including:

- Epic Citadel (Epic)
- Dungeon Defenders (Epic)
- Lost Planet 2 (Capcom)
- Metal Gear Solid 4 (Kojima)
- Yakuza 4 (Sega)

None of the games or tech demos have yet been confirmed as launch releases, but they certainly show a strong belief in PSP2 from Sony - with only God Of War and Motorstorm missing from key IP portfolio making the leap to the device.