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Could PlayStation games come to iPhone?

Sony keen on spreading content certification far and wide...

Alongside the wow factor of its PSP2 (or 'NGP') announcement, Sony this morning unveiled its PlayStation Suite - a new initiative which will allow the firm's games to be played on Android-enabled mobile devices.

However, Sony worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told Official PlayStation Magazine - on behalf of CVG - that the platform holder would "not rule out" pushing its content further afield onto other mobile OS.


The arrival of PlayStation content is highly unlikely of course, especially as the newest line of Windows Phone 7 handsets is intrinsically linked to Xbox Live.

But what about iPhone? Apple has already allowed Sony's PlayStation App through its doors - giving gamers the chance to access their PSN account on the go.

Perhaps Suite's offering of games, which Sony claims will be of "PlayStation quality", could be next to make the move?