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Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets Hsien-Ko and Sentinel

Darkstalker and Mutant Hunter are ready for action

Capcom has released videos showcasing the latest two fighters to join Marvel vs Capcom 3, Hsien-Ko and Sentinel.

Hsien-Ko hails from Darkstalkers, one of Capcom's many other popular 2D fighting games. Judging from this video she looks like a combo-heavy character, designed to pressure the enemy.

The second character to join the cast is Sentinel, the mutant-hunting robot who was also in Marvel vs Capcom 2 and is a bit of a favourite among professional MvC players.

Though it is still yet to be seen if he proves as useful in MvC3 as he was in the past, he seems to have retained many of his most useful tools.

Check out the videos below.

[ SOURCE: iPlayWinner ]