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GameStop opened PSP2 pre-orders... at $999

But "estimate" prices are "subject to change"

Lol. GameStop waded in this morning, fresh off the back of Sony's PSP2 'NGP' announcements, with a pre-order page on its site offering the advanced handheld for a slightly steep $999.99.

It had a warning on the page that made absolutely clear that "official pricing and release dates have not been announced by the publisher," and that "these are estimates only and subject to change."


Estimates? Someone just held their finger down on the 9 key.

We're talking in past tense though because it has just whipped down the page, removing any evidence of their mental pricing scheme from the site, but not before Joystiq took a snap of it (pictured) just for the comedy value.

On a more sensible note, Sony promises the console won't cost as much as $599 (we should hope not, lads) while analysts have estimated the near-PS3 powered super handheld will cost $350.

What do you reckon?

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]