Video: Epic's PSP2 Unreal Engine tech demo

Epic Citadel looks even more incredible on PSP2

Epic stomped on stage during Sony's PSP2/NGP reveal earlier this morning to show off a tech demo for Unreal Engine 3 running on the high-end device. And it was stunning, as you can see via the video below.

It was basically the Epic Citadel environment shown in an iPhone 4 tech demo last year, and all due credit to Apple's device, it looked amazing back then. But this version had received a significant performance boost.


The original showed an incredibly detailed castle. The PSP2 version showed the same castle set in an enormous village of small houses, populated by soldiers and civilians, covered in snow with flakes still falling gently through the air and insanely gorgeous lighting and shader effects.

From a technical standpoint, it was intense. See for yourself: