PSP2 out in 'at least one territory' by Christmas

Any of you live in Japan?

Sony has said it aims to release the PSP2 in "at least one territory" before the year's out.

Sony has, in various interviews around the web, been reluctant to comment further on the rather vague 'holiday 2011' release date offered during its announcement this morning. But SCEA boss Jack Tretton has told Engadget it will be out this year in "at least one territory", without specifying which territory that will be.


When asked if he could shine more light on the release, Tretton replied: "Um, nothing more than we said. I know that's rather ambiguous, and that's for a reason."

He went on: "I think our goal is always to launch holidays when the majority of sales are done. You want to have a worldwide simultaneous launch. Having said that, this'll be our sixth platform launch, and it's very difficult to have the quantities to be able to launch on a worldwide basis on the same date. So while that's the goal, the reality might be something different. I think our goal is, we would get at least one territory out by the end of holiday 2011."

How much are plane tickets to Japan? Nintendo has gone against the grain before in releasing DS in the West first, but going by Sony's history, Japan could get this thing as long as six months (or longer) before we get a sniff of it.

And it doesn't sound like we'll get confirmation out of June's E3 show, either. "We probably won't know until fall. You know, I don't know that we'd have more detail for you at E3," admitted Tretton.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]