Sony hopes to 'avoid repeating' PS3 production/financial challenges with PSP2

"With new technology, there's always challenges you didn't anticipate," says SCEA boss

SCEA boss Jack Tretton has admitted that Sony hopes to "avoid repeating" the challenging times it faced with the PS3 as it tackles launching the high-end PSP2.

Engadget asked Tretton if Sony envisions any issues that may arise from production of the hugely advanced portable. "I hope not," said Tretton, "although I think when you're dealing with new technology, there's always challenges you didn't anticipate."


PSP2 has been touted as being as powerful as PS3, but Tretton says Sony hopes to avoid the challenges it faced when releasing its super-powered home console.

"I think we've been about reaching beyond the status quo and delivering technology that people couldn't even envision, and with that comes risk. I think PlayStation 3 is the biggest technological achievement we've ever had, and it wasn't without challenges both financially and from a production standpoint.

"I think at the end of the day it was worth it, but I think it certainly made for some difficult challenges. I think we'd look to avoid repeating that, but when you're dealing with new technology there are always road blocks."

PSP2 (or NGP) is packed with powerful multi-core CPU and GPU processors that produce near-PS3 quality visuals. Sony showed an incredibly impressive Uncharted game running on the device.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]