Sony NGP vs 3DS: 'Customers will decide' says Iwata

Nintendo President won't be dragged into a handheld war...

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has refused to be drawn into a NGP vs 3DS handheld war, insisting that it's up to the consumers to decide which console to buy.

While Nintendo's big selling point is offering 3D visuals without the need for 3D glasses, Sony is once again trying to beat Nintendo with a more powerful console. According to Iwata, it's up to the customers to decide which is more appealing.


Iwata was speaking at a quarterly earnings briefing in Tokyo when he said "They're trying to appeal to customers from a different direction than us. The customers will decide which is correct."

Sony unveiled NGP yesterday and with Metal Gear chief Hideo Kojima claiming that it's as powerful as PS3, it's clear that the console will have more graphical oomph than 3DS.

However, Nintendo will be hoping for a repeat of the original battle between PSP and the original DS. PSP was the more powerful console but DS offered something new and that, in the end, is what appealed to more consumers. That and games such as Nintendogs.

Which will win this time? NGP or 3DS?

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]