PS3 firmware 3.56 bans Black Ops hackers

Sony update brings down the hammer

The effects of PS3 firmware update 3.56 have started to be felt by Black Ops hackers as Sony has begun to slam the ban hammer.

Sony released a new firmware update last night that it said "adds a security patch" to the console.

It's the firm's first move to shut out hackers since the PS3 protection software was completely circumvented earlier this month.


Despite the fact that the new firmware was hacked within hours, Call of Duty: Black Ops hackers have been feeling the wrath already.

Once detected they are presented with the above message telling them that their console has been permanently banned from the Black Ops servers.

There have been, however, many posts of protests on the Call of Duty forums from users who claim to have been banned despite being completely innocent.

Whether the claims of innocence are legitimate or not is yet to be seen, but it's clear that Sony's new firmware means a zero tolerance policy for hackers.

[ SOURCE: Ripten ]