Dead Space PSP2 game 'wouldn't be a port' - Visceral

Studio focused on originality for franchise

Dead Space developer Visceral is keen to expand the franchise as widely as possible - including, potentially, onto Sony's PSP2 (NGP) - but not at the expense of quality.

Dead Space is a franchise that's already broken away from its video game bonds with spin-offs in other mediums, but there also appears to be a willingness to bring the franchise to portable devices as well.


When asked if Visceral was interested in bringing the Dead Space series to Sony's PSP2 (NGP) art director Ian Milham said:

"I'm absolutely interested in bringing Dead Space 2 to other platforms in the future, what's key to us though is that we don't do ports. We don't do shabby conversions onto whatever platform it may be.

"When we did Dead Space Extraction it was a quality game that uses and plays to the Wii's strengths, which is the same as the movies and comic books," he said.

"They're not just tie-ins, they do a great job at whatever that particular media does.

"When it comes to the [PSP2] or any other future platforms I'd be into it but I'd want to do something that plays to that platforms strengths rather than just a feeble version of a port."

The focus for Visceral at the moment is, of course on today's Dead Space 2 release. We've had a bit of a snoop around and found some of the cheapest Dead Space 2 prices so that you don't have to.