CVG: Comments of the week

A chuckle here, a giggle there...

We're just going to come right out and say it, you guys were a little off this week. We weren't as tickled by your words this week, but we don't hold that against you.

Why? Well, because some big stuff happened this week, the biggest being the announcement of the PSP2, codenamed NGP, so we understand that you were all busy having serious discussions and trolling.

Regardless of this, we managed to scrape a few mildly amusing comments together, back to usual business next week folks.

Hardcore gamers will be 'blown away' by 3DS - Nintendo

The only thing I hav been blown away by so far is the price!

Ho, ho, hooooooo. Very nice originalbadboy.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 review round-up

Newsflash: Awesome game is still awesome.


Thanks for the heads up The Big F, we'll alert the media.

Duke Nukem Forever release date confirmed. No, really

"the coming of Duke Nukem Forever"

He's been coming for a long time.

What are you getting at here TheCrimsonFenix, we sense some innuendo but can't put our fingers on it.

It would have been so much better if they could have released it in April, on, I dont know . . . . . . April the 1st?

Careful StonecoldMC, we've been burned before...a lot.

Next up - Half Life 2 Episode 3 and Black Mesa Source. On topic. I'll believe it when I see it.

With Duke coming out, the skies are the limit Imaduck, THE SKIES.

New Duke Nukem Forever trailer

I wanted to see him pee...and some boob :D

Isn't that was everyone wants in life slick loose?

oh man, am i dreaming? Quick, hit me over the head with something blunt and heavy.....

Hey bagofbones Duke happens to have something that happens to b-....

Killzone 3 review - OPM goes with 9/10

You be quiet or I'll come round to your house and fit your gate backwards, then when you try to get in you'll be all confused.

Shout out to starsail for creative trolling.

SSFIV video: 15 minutes of Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma

Ryu is so constipated there is fire in his eyes...

You're obviously not trained in the ancient art of Karate AegisK, that's a hidden ability right there.

Nintendo explains why 3DS battery life is only 3-5 hours

3D all the way, baby.. 3D in the butt!

All the way boskersrevenge?

Andy Gray Sky sacking puts FIFA 12 involvement in question

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