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3DS Mario Kart, Paper Mario out this year

Nintendo list of 2011 games includes elusive titles

Mario Kart and Paper Mario will be released on Nintendo 3DS this year, a new Nintendo advert has confirmed.

The ad, on the inside cover of the latest issue of UK trade bible MCV, lists the "wide selection of Nintendo 3DS games" that will be "available this year" - with Mario Kart and Paper Mario are among them.


So far Nintendo's official word on the Mario pair has only been that their release dates are 'TBA'.

We're sure you'll agree that it'd be fantastic to get our hands on both games before Christmas - especially Paper Mario which looks gorgeous.

The full list of titles mentioned for a 2011 release in the ad are:

- Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
- Pilotwings Resort
- Nintendogs + Cats
- Steel Diver
- Star Fox 64 3D
- Kid Icarus Uprising
- Mario Kart
- Paper Mario
- Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
- Resi Evil: Mercenaries 3D
- The Sims 3
- Pro Evolution Soccer 3D
- Dead Or Alive: Dimensions
- Super Monkey Ball 3D
- LEGO Star Wars II: The Clone Wars