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Sony NGP: 19 killer facts

The PSP2 in a nutshell...

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  • Despite all this killer tech, Sony said NGP won't cost as much as $599 - the price at which the PS3 launched.
  • 82 third-party developers have already signed up to work on the NGP. That's 48 in Japan, 16 from North America and 18 from Europe
  • You might not get it by Christmas: Sony has only confirmed that "at least one" territory will see a pre-Xmas launch.
  • There are 14 titles confirmed so far, including iterations of Killzone, Call of Duty, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance and WipEout.
  • It's here for the long term. Yoshida-san told Kotaku: "The portable is a totally different beast. It's still emerging and in a transitional stage. We are developing a platform to last a long time."
  • Its size is 182mm x 18.6mm x 83.5mm. Let's compare and contrast to other console lengths: the original PSP is 169mm, the DSi is 137mm, the 3DS takes up 134mm and Apple's diddy little iPhone 4 is just 115.2mm.
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