(Not) Richard Keys and Andy Gray on video games

Opinion: Ex-Sky Sports duo (don't) join CVG...

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RK: Exactly. You're a monster. Let's move on. Besides, things are changing. Have you not seen the new 'desexualised' Lara Croft? No more ridiculous mammaries, but a harder edge; a real fighting spirit. Even Square Enix has said it's not going to "play up sexuality for sexuality's sake".


AG: Well, that sounds better. I suppose all industries are moving into the 21st Century now, and we've got to move with them. At least we've bagged a spot here on CVG, Rich.

RK: That's the spirit, fella. Anyway, that's all we've got time for. Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next week, for another exciting episode of SixAxis Sunday. From me Richard Keys, and a rather contemplative Andy Gray, goodbye.

AG: Goodbye.


RK: You know that new Lara Croft?

AG: Oh aye.

RK: I'd definitely still smash it.

AG: ...

RK: Is this switched on?

[(Not) Richard Keys and Andy Gray have been fictionally relieved of their fictional contract on CVG following this afternoon's fictional events. Don't fictionally expect them to fictionally return any time soon. Fictionally.]

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