Sony NGP: Sega 'extremely optimistic' of console's success

Publisher defends PSP1's record, too

Sega West president Mike Hayes has told CVG that the firm is "extremely optimistic" that Sony NGP (PSP2) will be a sales success.

The firm was one of a handful of major developers/publishers to show their software running on NGP at Sony's Tokyo launch last week.

Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi showed off Yakuza 4 being played in real time at the event - and revealed that his team has been able to use PS3 shaders and effects on NGP.


"We are extremely optimistic about the new device hence our upfront and early commitment," Hayes (pictured) told CVG, before adding that he had "no idea" what the price of the console will end up being.

Sony NGP's predecessor, PSP, was initially a huge success in the US and Europe after launching in both territories in 2005. But the combination of Nintendo DS's record-breaking sales, the failure of the UMD format and rampant piracy soon had a detrimental effect as sales dried up.

However, Hayes told CVG that Sega games had enjoyed good profitability on PSP, leaving the firm with little reason to doubt Sony's ability to rule at retail with NGP.

"I would disagree on the point that PSP failed," he said. "For those of us that embraced the portable platform from the beginning we had a very successful and profitable run."

UK publisher and developer Codemasters has told CVG that it expects the price of Sony NGP (PSP2) to be in line with Nintendo's 3DS in the UK.