No 'short-term plans' for 3DS Lite - Nintendo

"We used all our tricks for cutting down on size right from the start", says Iwata

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that the company has no intention of releasing a more compact version of 3DS in the near future.


The exec said in the latest Iwata Asks: "The first thing (Nobuo) Nagai-san10, who's in charge at the Uji plant, said to me when he looked over the designs for Nintendo 3DS before mass production began was 'This time it's fully packed right from the start.'"

Game Boy Advance SP creator Kenichi Sugino responded: "Oh, really? But he was right. That's why we don't have any short-term plans for creating a more compact version of Nintendo 3DS like we did with Nintendo DS Lite."

Iwata added: "Yeah. When making Nintendo 3DS, we used all our tricks for Nintendo DS Lite - and more - for cutting down on size right from the start."

DS Lite was released less than a year and a half after the original DS launched in late 2004.

Nintendo has shown off a couple of 3DS prototypes made during development of the stereoscopic handheld, describing how they helped shape the console we'd all like to get when it hits the UK in March.

[ SOURCE: Iwata Asks ]