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An Xbox handheld? Don't ruin the peace.

Opinion: 3DS? NGP? We're all friends here, says Tom Pakinkis...

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In some miraculous, once in a lifetime achievement, together Sony and Nintendo have managed to please just about everyone. Except The_KFD_Case.

That's why the announcement of a dedicated gaming handheld from Microsoft would probably be the worst decision since Nick Clegg... erm... Well, since Nick Clegg.

While Nintendo would no doubt left to its own devices once again, quietly and successfully occupying its own unique 3D space, Sony would be forced to take up arms in retaliation to Microsoft thrusting any handheld Xbox in its NGP's face.

Slowly the divisions would begin to form once more; the colours would bleed away from neutral as Sony supporters claimed dibs on originality and Xbots shouted about Halo this and Gears that.

Aside from the commotion it would cause, there are serious market reasons for MS to stick with PC and home consoles. The NGP is looking like such a complete machine for the hardcore, filling the portable gap purposefully left by Nintendo so well, I just can't see what Microsoft could offer that would be worth disrupting the balance.

Then there'd be Apple to contend with, who wrapped the app gaming sector up rather neatly a long time ago with the iPod. And we all remember what happened when Microsoft tried to encroach on its fiercest rival in the US with Zune. Flop-tastic.

Microsoft makes a fantastic gaming product already, but there's no room for it around the warmth of this crackling campfire; no call for it in our harmonious handheld gathering of gamers.

Whilst I doubt the green team has much desire to join our peaceful portable party, if the Xbox crew do come snooping around, I vote we just silently stare deeply into the flames until they leave.

For now though... Marshmallow, anyone?

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